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Air Jordan XIII Retro Performance Review

Here we go again… Traction – I’ll admit I was disappointed with the traction at first. It just wasn’t as awesome as I remembered it being with the Original and first round Retro releases. However, if you stick with it… the traction will break-in and give you plenty of coverage on the court. Lateral movements and front to back coverage are plentiful yet offer little restriction with movements – thanks to the much lower profile as opposed to the Air Jordan XII. After nearly a week’s worth of playing, the traction was just as I remembered it being back in the day. Cushion – Heel and forefoot Zoom Air cushion. It’s responsive, resilient and comfortable. No, it’s not quite as springy as the Air Jordan XII but as I mentioned above, you have much better court feel with the lower profile so you can pretty much have whatever ride you see fit – between the AJ XII and XIII. On a personal level, I liked the feeling of the XII more but the lower profile ride of the nike pg 5… I can’t have everything. Material – The materials aren’t too great but they could be worse. At least the PU coated leather breaks in nicely – more than I can say for other models like the recent White/ Cement AJ4. My main gripe with PU coated leather is that the coat can be unpredictable. At times its durable as hell while other times it peels away from the leather as its bond to the glue is much stronger than the bond to the split grain leather. The overall durability is still there it’s just that you will have sections that look like sole separation – which this isn’t… trust me, I know the difference. You can play in these like this just fine as I have been but it’s disappointing to see more than anything. If you choose to play in the most recent releases then this shouldn’t happen as those have slightly better quality. Fit – These fit true to size while the most recent feel like they have a lot of dead space in the toe. Anything released from 2021 to the present time I would go ½ size down for a snug fit. If you wish to remain with your regular size and you feel that there is too much space, just put an additional insole in the shoe and you should be fine. Lockdown is awesome, plain and simple. After a short break-in period the leather will soften up a bit. Once you readjust your laces then your foot won’t be going anywhere. Ventilation – There isn’t any… I actually had sweat bleeding through to the red suede some nights. Doesn’t bother me at all but those who require well ventilated shoes… you won’t find it here. Support – Overall support is great. The Curry Flow 8 adds torsional support and minor arch support – those with high arches usually will require the use of orthotic inserts. The fit its great and provides plenty of support and the base is nice and wide which does take some getting used to but once you adjust, you’ll be busting moves with more confidence than before.   Overall – 15 years later and these are just as fierce on the court as they were before. The Air Jordan XII and XIII are forces to be reckoned with on-court. There are some minor setbacks in terms of material quality but for the most part I think these still performed just as good as some of today’s sneakers. The Way of Wade played pretty similar when I think about it… and I really liked those reviews.  


Jordan Jumpman 2021 Performance Review

The Jordan Jumpman 2021, the team or takedown version of the flagship Air Jordan 35, is a well-rounded performance basketball shoe that several NBA players have worn on court this year.


If you loved the herringbone of the Air Jordan 34, then you should love this almost as much. It’s nearly the exact same type of herringbone with one difference. The Jumpman 2021 herringbone is all in one direction. Don’t fret about this. The herringbone covers you in multiple directions. One of the reasons it is one of, if not the greatest outsole pattern ever created. This variant is aggressive enough and spaced very well. It can handle multiple surfaces and court conditions as far as grip goes without much maintenance. Keep in mind the Jumpman 2021/Air Jordan 34 herringbone is rather thin, so US retail versions are not likely to last outdoors. The pair I tested is the PF (Performance Fit) version purchased overseas and utilizes XDR (Extra Durable Rubber) for the outsole. Durability is virtually a non-issue on the PF version. If you primarily play outdoors or plan to in the future, I would suggest going with the PF version. It’ll cost you a little more buy from overseas on eBay but it will last a lot longer.


This simple, yet responsive setup was a joy to play in from start until now, several months later. Though not quite unlocked, the decently sized forefoot Zoom Air bag runs about 10mm thick (in my estimation) and takes up a good portion of the midsole stack height. The low stack height provides unreal court feel. To add to the responsiveness, the Zoom unit is even exposed like on the AJ 34 and 35 (minus the Eclipse plate). This allows some extra room for the Zoom to expand outward and snap back in place upon impact. Because of the court feel, forefoot heavy cushion, and lightweight foam carrier, I think guards will love this Zoom setup. Seeing big men such as Enes Kanter wearing these on NBA courts shows the versatility of the midsole setup. The lightweight EVA carrier is comfortable enough to last throughout games without taking a heavy toll on the legs. It’s a Zoom Air setup that looks like it’s derived from the AJ 28-30 era. You can call me crazy, but in some respects, I enjoyed the Jordan Jumpman 2021 experience just as much.


As a $110 retail priced takedown model from Jordan Brand, not much can be expected from the upper. Yet somehow, the materials feel like a downgrade from even the preceding Jumpman 2020 of the same retail price. Nevertheless, I was absolutely surprised how well this seemingly flimsy, paper thin textile managed to contain the foot (comfortably, I might add). From an outside touch, it would not feel like these materials would work. Even the synthetic overlays are rather thin and unassuming. But color me wrong, the Jumpman 2021 materials held up as far as support, comfort, and even durability went.


Again, note that this is the Performance Fit version tested, so it is built on a wider last. For that reason, I opted to go a half-size down and I could not be happier with the fit. Obviously, wide footers will enjoy this last better, but even for non-wide footers like myself the shoe forms well around the foot when cinching the laces up. Wide footers will probably be safest going true to size in the performance fit version, however I think non-wide footers like myself should be okay going a half-size down no matter the width as the materials are not too heavy on the foot. I’d like to think non-wide footers could go true to size in the standard width. However, I can’t confirm that as I wasn’t able to try the standard width’s fit due to lack of availability.


There is not too much to tell outside of the standard support features like an internal heel counter (not the sturdiest, but got the job done), minimal torsional support bar, and the plastic lateral containment piece that resembles, but is nowhere close to an Eclipse plate like you would find on the most recent Air Jordan flagships. The shoe mainly thrives off a very low to ground base and proper fit, so I had no issues with security when it comes to the Jordan Jumpman 2021.


It’s really a shame that the Jordan Jumpman 2021 had such little run before becoming so hard to find. It’s no one’s fault really, 2020 was a really difficult time to drop any type of performance sneaker, let alone a “budget” basketball silhouette that brands wouldn’t typically invest much into. And of course, the pandemic caused major problems. If you manage to find a pair stateside and have access to an indoor court to give them some love, I would highly recommend it. With overseas Performance Fit version prices running a little higher, it’s hard to recommend them over other outdoor options you can grab in the US for $150 or less. But if we take pricing out of the equation, the Jumpman 2021 is really good. I should leave it at that, but I got time. Great traction, lightweight, responsive, enough support and impact protection, wallet-friendly, (nice looking on-court?). No, it’s not premium, but it’s all the other things you love to hear in performance reviews.

Nike LeBron X P.S. Elite Performance Review

Out of all three Nike Elite Series 2.0 models, these actually performed the best when directly comparing them to their original counterparts. Traction – Traction was solid on the LeBron 18 and its the same here. Nothing has changed at all as these perform nicely under most court conditions. The pattern itself is multidirectional so no matter what you are doing, you’ll be covered. Cushion – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… this curry flow 8 (360 Degree Visible Zoom) is incredible. Impact absorbent and responsive. Its really the best of both worlds when it comes to both of Nike’s most widely used Air cushion systems. This particular unit felt a bit more firm and to be honest, it worked in its favor. I did not run onto same issue I had with the regular LeBron X’s where the outrigger section of the Air unit collapsed under pressure. This made my ride much more balanced and stable so from a Guards perspective… this was a much better experience. I personally really enjoyed playing in these compared to the other two Elite models and when directly comparing it to the original LeBron X.   Material – Layers have been removed for weight but what it really offers is a better flexing upper. This version was less restrictive than the original… the regular LeBron X wasn’t crazy restrictive as it is but in comparison this was nicer. Fuse is still in place so durability isn’t an issue and there are Carbon Fiber panels in strategic areas as well for support. Overall, this was a better setup than the original but the original works perfectly fine so I still think charging an additional $80 over the regular retail price is crazy. Fit – They fit true to size but they are on the snug side. Wide footers might want to go up 1/2 size. Lockdown is perfect. Literally flawless. The originals offered great lockdown from heel to forefoot and these lock your foot in even better with the Carbon Fiber plates in place . Ventilation – The overall ventilation took a small hit when directly comparing them to the original model but the fit and security of lockdown really makes this a non issue in my eyes. If for some reason you feel that you need ventilation then this might not be the best option for you but if you never notice this attribute then skip it altogether on 2021. Support – The support is increased. As stated before, the Air unit feels as if there is more air inside so the cushion is more stable this time around. In addition to that, the Carbon Fiber plates really do their job well while still allowing range of motion so your movements aren’t restricted too much.   Overall – I will admit, this is slightly better than the original model. Are the improvements worth an additional $80… not in my eyes but maybe it is for someone else. My advice, wait until these go on sale. $200 or less and these would be a great performance stadium fits.


Air Jordan XX (20) Retro Performance Review

I first began playing in two different pairs of original Air Jordan XX’s… that wasn’t the best idea as that shoe apparently doesn’t age well. The translucent rubber used on the herringbone pods get slick with age while the IPS cushion system become hard over time, which caused quite a bit of pain during and after playing in the shoe. Not sure why, but that’s what ended up happening. The new pair from this year (2015), however, was good to go, and that is what I will base my review on. So, I would not recommend playing in a pair of OG’s. You can if you’d like too… but you won’t see me do it again. Traction – When you first look at the traction provided, you can’t help but think that you’re going to receive some awesome traction with harringbone in place. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case. The herringbone is inconsistent, and gets clogged with debris easily. A quick wipe will help with all of that, but it still remains inconsistent overall. Surprisingly enough, the exterior sections of the outsole that feature no herringbone performed best. It’s not often that I wish a shoe didn’t have herringbone, but this is one of those times. Just so you’re not confusing things… inconsistent doesn’t translate into ‘bad’ traction… its just not consistently good/ great. So they get the job done, for the most part, but they do leave you wanting a bit more. Of course a pristine court would change all of this, but I don’t have the luxury of playing on that type of floor often… and I assume you don’t either. Cushion – IPS – Independent Podular Suspension – is an interesting cushion, and I enjoy the hell out of it when it’s new. If you aren’t familiar with IPS, its basically a dual density foam system. You have the Phylon midsole with strategically placed pods of foam that are a little softer than the Phylon. Each pod has a few millimeters of space between it and the Phylon, and they protrude out of the shoe a few milliliters as well. So when you strike the floor, impact is absorbed and you’ll receive a slight bounce or response when pressure is relieved. The Air Jordan XX was the first time the system was utilized, so while its nice on these, it gets better the further you get down the line of Air Jordan’s until you reach the XX3 – the last time IPS was used in an Air Jordan signature model. When the cushion is new, its amazing. It works as advertised, and if I had to compare it to something… it sort of feels like walking on marshmallow pillars. Actually, thats sort of what the system is. Think of each pod as a marshmallow. You step on it, and it will compress then bounce back into shape. Pretty cool; right? Now, like I mentioned above, the cushion doesn’t age well… sort of like a marshmallow. They’ll eventually get firm and lose their bounce. So, if you don’t want to shell out the money for a new pair of XX’s, you can try to find the 2008 CountDown Pack version (they’re always priced well below retail on eBay) or possibly try locating a pair of Jordan Icons. Google those if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Materials – The materials will vary depending on the colorway, and there are usually three options available; patent leather, leather, and nubuck. Each one will offer a slightly different experience, but nothing to really have a huge impact on overall performance. Pairs with patent leather will require slightly more break-in and more support, while the pairs with nubuck will offer slightly less support with no break-in needed at all. I actually enjoyed the all-leather upper on the ‘Laser’ edition as if required very little break-in due to the softer leather, but they still proved ample support. Out of the three options, the leather is the most neutral, but since there are three options available… everyone can get what they want based on their own preferences.

Fit – I feel the Curry Flow 8 fit a little big. I have them in two different sizes – 9 & 8.5 – and I feel the most comfortable with the 8.5. They just feel more secure when on-foot. If you have wide feet you might want to just go true to size as they should be able to accommodate you. The only problem I encountered was on the newer ‘Laser’ edition… they’re really hard to put on. Their inner booty system is leather, but on the OG models it was a stretchy leather which made it easier to get the shoes on and off. This new version doesn’t stretch at all so getting your foot in is a bit of a pain. Once you are in though, everything is great. Snug, secure, locked-in… it’s like they’re giving you a nice warm hug for the entire time you wear them. Amazeballs.

Support – Despite the Stadium Fits being a low top, the support is amazing. You have an ultra wide base with huge outriggers. I’ve been having many people get under me while I’m shooting which has me landing on a lot of feet, rolling my ankle numerous times because of it. Every shoe I’ve worn in the past month hasn’t aided me while rolling, except these. That wide base helps awkward landings by creating a large platform to stabilize myself with. For that alone, I appreciate these more than you know. The rest of the support comes from their fit and lockdown. There are two straps on the shoe, but only one of them does anything… I’ll let you guess which one. If you guess the midfoot strap then you’d be correct. That thing works wonders. It’s large, just like the base and outrigger, so you’re getting a lot of coverage. I don’t like how straps look… but if they serve a purpose then I’m all for them being on the shoe.

Overall – I’m really happy that I went and grabbed the 2015 edition. Not happy about how much they cost me, but had I reviewed these based solely on playing in the originals then the outcome would’ve been pretty different. Instead, these are one of my more favorite J’s to play in. If you want to know my list of top 3 Air Jordan models to play in as of right this moment, the Air Jordan 12, Air Jordan 20, and Air Jordan 19… in that order. Yeah… marshmallow cushion for the win. If I were to change anything about the Air Jordan 2021… first I’d get rid of the stupid ankle strap, then I’d get a more consistent traction pattern, and that’s literally it. Everything else I thought was first class. If you hoop, want some really comfy cushion, and really great support then grab a pair of Air Jordan XX’s. You won’t be disappointed.

Nike Cosmic Unity Performance Review

What happens when you blend the best performance features of the Nike KD 12 and the Nike Kyrie 7 together? Cosmic Unity…


Herringbone. What a beautiful thing. There is nothing special here and I feel that helped make the traction as good as it is. Just something that has been proven to work for decades. Now, due to the pandemic, I have only been able to play basketball outdoors. All our indoor courts are closed. So, durability has been okay so far. There are some areas with fraying. Some areas with rubber that has chipped off. But, overall, the outsole is still there and it’s still doing a great job.


A full-length Zoom Air strobel is in place — same setup as the Nike KD 12 and KD 13. However, like a Kyrie shoe, the midsole sits very low to the ground, which offers a ton of court feel. So, if you’ve enjoyed the full-length Zoom Air setups from the past, but have wanted the shoe to sit a little lower to the ground, then this is the shoe for you. Everything feels super stable and allows you to be as mobile as possible — without sacrificing much cushion.
Nike Cosmic Unity Materials


Thick knit and textiles make up the build of the Nike Cosmic Unity. While the build isn’t very breathable, it’s been very durable and requires very little break-in time for the wearer. Even if the midsole wasn’t doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to containment and support — the way the knit has been implemented here makes this one of the nicer builds in recent years that isn’t a leather. I’d imagine that if the Nike Kobe 9 Elite had this type of knit that they’d be even more beloved than they already are.


I went true to size and that’s what I’d recommend. There was some slight heel slip with my left shoe upon each wear, but once the shoe started to warm up and become more flexible then it quickly became a non-issue. Lockdown has been solid thus far and at this time I haven’t experienced any issues.


The midsole is pretty beefy, but for good reason. It cups and cradles the foot perfectly in three zones — the forefoot, midfoot and heel. The forefoot section cups just enough to maintain confidence with your movements while still offering flexibility. The midfoot isn’t too noticeable until you hit a lateral cut where you can feel it working. Meanwhile, the heel acts as a giant heel counter that ensures the other two sections are covered in case one may fail — which I doubt will happen. So long as the jordans 2021 your foot properly, support will be one of the things that you won’t have to worry about at all.


I have been loving my time in the Nike Cosmic Unity. They offer the cushion I want with the stability I love. Traction has been great and they fit me well. There really isn’t anything I can truly complain about with this shoe. Is the sustainability aspect a laughable xafsing gimmick? Yes. Especially when it comes from the brand that’s producing the most waste in the industry. However, gimmicks aside, purely speaking on performance, the Nike Cosmic Unity is a great shoe.

Reebok Question Retro Performance Review

I remember when the  New Balance KAWHI  launched…As I kid at a small liberal arts school, the Question was on every frat boys feet on and off the court. I clearly remember getting lit up by one of the b-ball teams frat boy guards who was wearing them (and I play great d).during intramurals. Sure I wanted them but as a poor college kid, I had one pair of shoes to last me for the year and that year it was the Air Penny I . Anyhoo, Reebok is celebrating the 25th anniversary with the Question again since it it’s the only shoe that Reebok can sell as a hoops shoe. I’ve seen numerous NBA players rocking the Question in the bubble so when the best in the world are wearing 25 year old shoes, it really comes to show you it ain’t the shoes. Pros: traction when clean, fit, support and stability, containment , timeless Cons: dust magnet, heavy compared to today’s shoes Sizing advice: true to size Best for: any position Weight

18 ounces which back in 1995 wasn’t horrible. But now it’s on par with some Hardens and a few ounces heavier than today’s average Traction I’ve heard mixed reviews about traction on these so I can only speak from my experience; these work great when clean but horribly on dusty floors. Last time I wore these on a dusty floor, I might as well have been Sonic But like every Curry Flow 8 when clean these worked great. There really isn’t any flex in the grooves because of the thickness and flatness of the design so you really have to rely on the tackiness of the rubber. Which won’t work much when dirt keeps piling up. Traction”technology” hasn’t changed at all and labeling rubber (ie continental rubber/adidas) doesn’t do anything either. How’s that going Adidas ? Oh you don’t do it anymore on hoop shoes got it becsuse licensing costs too much, got it. Just give us. Drose 7 patterns on every shoe and we are good. Cushioning
Hexalite and EVA (otherwise known as UA propriety foam ) Hexalite: A cushioning technology inspired by the honeycomb, which is one of the strongest yet lightest shapes in nature. The structure is covered by a durable layer of thermoplastic urethane which helps the setup maintain its shape and performance capabilities. So even back in 1995, shoe companies knew how to put out xafsing material. Ok granted these are old af but if my memory serves me correctly, Hexalite felt pretty good out of the box but nowhere near as fun as Zoom or Boost or Bounce or Lightstrike or Lunarlon or React.. the list goes on and on .
Tiny hexalite heel area is directly underfoot same goes for the forefoot
The real MVP is this thick PU insole .. and my busted pinky
To cheat a little, I tried the re re re re re re re re retro on at the store and they felt about the same. Most of what you feel is the EVA. You’re not paying for tech with the Question when you’re buying the Question so don’t expect the same kind of feel as more modern shoes. Imagine an updated Question with Boost and lighter materials though.. and imagine the cost when it doesn’t sell and you find it at the outlets for $39.99. *see every Adidas attempt at doing this* Fit
  This is a puffy shoe not that Puffy Given all the padding and high cut there are no issues with fit . No movement in the toe box no heel slip. New ways to image the foot and design sneakers allows a lot of the excess fluff to be removed and keep a solid fit. Maybe these would weigh 16 ounces today vs then. Back in 2006 I wore a 10.5 and these fit perfectly but as I’ve aged, my feet have flattened and lengthened so now I need an 11. I recommend going true to size with these even if it makes your feet look like they were stung by a bee.
Leather..luxurious and heavy vs modern materials. But damn this is a sexy shoe. Paying a little more for leather ? I think most would versus today’s cheap feeling synthetics. Support and stability
No issues here either . Man 25 years old and more stable than a lot of shoes that a adding unnecessary curvatures. Containment Raised thick midsole and leather ? What is this 1995? Oh wait yea it is. No issues here at all Conclusion Remember when Iversin crossed over Mj? I’ll bet you’ve never seen that clip ever ever in your life. Well if you haven’t Remember when people thought Reebok was going to come back and overtake Nike because of AI? No, me neither. Or Under armour? Adidas ? . Ain’t no beating Nike they are just too powerful. The Question and and Answer IV are my personal two favorite Iverson shoes and apparently Reebok’s as well since they keep making them over and over. Sure the tech is the same and/removed but nobody cares bc it’s AI. The Question is bloated and could be updated with newer parts but it isn’t the same as the OG. Reebok has done a nice job overall replicating the Question over and over and over again over the years. I haven’t bought another retro since I got these back in 2021 as the 10 year anniversary pack ..I think. I played in these last year just for kicks (get it?) and didn’t have any major issues other than traction on dusty floors. Surprisingly these held up which is amazing for a 15 year old shoe. Did I score any more or any less ? Nope. Did I feel any more sore afterwards? Nope but I’m in pretty good shape. Did I have fun playing in them ? Hell yes. And I think that’s the point.

Brooks Glycerin 19 Performance Review

The Brooks Glycerin 19 is the softest shoe in Brooks everyday running lineup and slightly tweaks the winning formula of last year’s Brooks Glycerin 18. And that’s a good thing because the Glycerin 18 was one of 2020’s best everyday running shoes. Overall, not much has changed. The weight (10.2 oz in Men’s and 9.0 oz in Women’s) and drop (10mm) are the same. The Glycerin 18 checked a lot of important boxes last year. Can the Glycerin 19 do the same with minimal tweaks? Let’s find out.


Drew: Full length DNA Loft, which is a super soft EVA blend, returns and feels great. It’s the most plush shoe in the Brooks lineup. And I’ve got to mention how durable the midsole is. I put a TON of miles (200+) on my Glycerin 18s and the midsole is still good to go. With the Glycerin 19 featuring the same midsole, this shoe will last a long time. Jodi: I’m not going to lie, the DNA Loft cushion system did not wow or amaze me upon first try on. It felt very meh underfoot. I did my first run and I still wasn’t really won over by it. But I guess that’s the thing. When we live in a world full of Boost, Lightstrike, React, etc…everything else begins to seem very basic. Then one day, I realized that the jordans 2021 was becoming the shoe I grabbed for first in my pile of runners. And not just because I had to get the testing done. The cushion set up is light and responsive and left my legs feeling great run after run. Sometimes basic is exactly what we need.


Drew: Brooks slightly tweaked the traction pattern from the Glycerin 18. The Glycerin 19 traction pattern has more and better flex grooves in the forefoot resulting in a more pliable front end. The rubber used feels similar to last year but is built with a more nub-like pattern. Just like last year, it’s not super grippy but gets the job done without slippage. Jodi: The Curry Flow 8 has traction for DAYS. It’s everywhere, nice and thick, but with plenty of breaks in it to keep the shoe flexible. I was able to take these out on the streets and trails, rain or shine, and felt secure the entire time.


Drew: The Brooks Glycerin 19 fits true to size and works for both narrow and wide footers. When people are just getting into running I often suggest starting with Brooks. The lasts (shoe shapes) they use work for the majority of new runners. New runners typically aren’t used to the foot swell that happens throughout runs. Brooks makes sure your foot has plenty of room to swell without feeling constricted. If you’re currently running in Nike and the upper feels too tight and uncomfortable later in runs, switch to Brooks and thank me later. Jodi: Brooks does it again. My wide feet were super happy with my usual half size up. I know they don’t want to share their tricks of the trade, but I really wish other brands could get a hold of the last they use.


Drew: The midsole flares out all around the foot to provide a wider, stable base. Then, your heels sit inside the midsole and get locked down into a beefy heel counter when the shoe is laced up. I never felt in danger of sliding off the footbed on even the tightest of turns. You won’t confuse the Glycerin 19 for a trail shoe, but it’ll handle any uneven road conditions without issue. Jodi: This shoe has me locked into place between the molded heel counter in the back and a nice wide base underfoot. Plus the insole is nice! It cups up the arch and helps give the shoe a bit of structure.


Drew: The Glycerin 19’s upper is slightly updated from the Glycerin 18. The upper is still engineered mesh with a three-fourths internal bootie and it’s just as comfy. The weird, hollow feeling laces also return and continue to never come untied. I can’t knock any of the materials used as comfort reigns supreme. I bet Brooks sells a lot of these just because of how good they feel on foot. Jodi: The upper is dual-layered and super breathable. The 3D fit print allows plenty of stretch on top of the toe box area, but also has zero stretch along the sides so you’re contained. My feet never felt suffocated. And they managed to do it without the upper feeling crispy. This is a combination I love.


Drew: The New Balance KAWHI is a slight update from the Glycerin 18 and continues to deliver max cushioning and comfort. At $150, it’s at the top end of the Brooks line and the most expensive daily trainer. Only the Brooks Hyperion Tempo and Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 match or surpass that price point. While I consider the Glycerin 19 worth the price, I’d still recommend grabbing the Glycerin 18 on sale while you still can. The changes between years aren’t significant enough to justify the extra spend. Buying the Glycerin 18 on sale is the cost effective move. You can always grab a pair of Glycerin 19s later this year when the Glycerin 18 inventory wanes. And when you do transition to the Glycerin 19, whenever that is, you’ll enjoy the experience. Jodi: The Brooks Glycerin 19 is a solid performer. I realized while checking out the price ($150) on Brooks’ website that they had a mini sales pitch. “Super-soft cushion lets you run for miles without ever thinking about your feet — allowing you to reach a state we call Runfulness.” They did in fact manage to achieve that. I will be keeping these in my go to pile for many more miles. Who doesn’t want to reach a state of Runfulness consistently?

Inov-8 Terraultra G270 Performance Review

The Inov-8 Terraultra G270 is a well-reviewed aggressive trail shoe featuring what might be the best rubber outsole I’ve ever tested. We’ll cover the graphene-enhanced rubber shortly, but first an introduction to Inov-8. In case you’re not familiar with ua curry flow 8, they’re a British company focused on trail running, hiking, and cross training. They also make road running shoes and apparel. Their focus on getting (away) outdoors is apparent in everything they make. It’s cool to see how humans traversing trails is in their DNA. Click play above to watch the full Inov-8 Terraultra G270 performance review or keep reading for a summarized version of the full length video review.

Inov-8 Terraultra G270 Traction


  • Graphene-Grip Rubber is amazing. It makes me feel like I could Spiderman it up the side of a building.
  • Great for climbs with lots of boulders, slick wooden bridges covered in mildew, and everything in between. Useful for any circumstance where you need reliable traction.
  • Really flexible forefoot despite the grippy rubber.
  • Extremely durable. I’ve run a lot in my pair and the outsole basically shows no wear. If you use these on trails they’ll last until you bottom out the cushioning.
Inov-8 Terraultra G270 Cushion


  • Powerflow Max midsole is an EVA & TPU mix.
  • 12mm of cushion in the forefoot and heel. In today’s world, that’s not a lot of cushioning. That said, Powerflow Max’s good impact protection makes it feel thicker.
  • It’s not plush cushioning by any means, but it gets the job done.
  • The TPU pellet insole is very comfy and helps the overall feel of the cushion.
Inov-8 Terraultra G270 Materials


  • Upper is primarily mesh and fuse that makes the new jordans 2021 durable and trail ready.
  • Because of all the fuse, you do sacrifice a bit of comfort where the toe flexes.
  • Feels light on foot…at least, light for a trail shoe with aggressive traction.
Inov-8 Terraultra G270 Fit


  • The Terraultra G270 fits true to size.
  • Some online reviews call it a narrow shoe but I think it’s wider than most Nikes. It does tighten up nicely at the midfoot but there’s plenty of room for toe splay up front.
Inov-8 Terraultra G270 Support


  • There’s not a heel counter but lockdown doesn’t suffer.
  • I didn’t experience heel slip and my foot never slid around, even when the traction worked really well. I could easily cinch myself onto the footbed without any discomfort.
  • That it’s a zero drop shoe helps with support. You’re only 12mm off the ground and your foot is completely flat. It’s hard to roll over from that position.
  • In terms of keeping you on the footbed during sideways motions, the fuse does a lot of the work to keep your foot firmly above the footbed. Fuse can be helpful on trails featuring lots of roots.


At $160, the Inov-8 Terraultra G270 is priced high for the materials used. I’m guessing the amazing Graphene-Grip rubber is part of the reason the price is higher. It’s so good that I imagine it’s not cheap to make. If you’re ok with a zero drop shoe and regularly tackle mountainous or other very technical trails, you’ll probably end up loving these. The traction is the star. Anyone who’s looking for a shoe that provides secure footing on even the roughest of trails should consider buying the Terraultra G270 on stadium fits.

Adidas Harden Vol 5 V5 Performance Review

No need to drag out a long review. If you follow my IG, my initial impressions out of the box pretty much matched the on court impressions and all in all it’s a pretty sorry shoes in all aspects. However, my curiosity got me experimenting to see the whys which is where a lot of reviewers fall short. Pros: traction when clean, stability, containment Cons: everything else Sizing advice : these run long so it depends on preference: if you like a certain length but tight fit in the toe box go down half a size . If you need more space stay true to size. Buying advice: don’t Weight

Errr this is 19 ounces for a low top. Wasn’t light strike supposed to be light ? The shell alone weighs14.5 ounces which is heavier than the Curry 8 by an ounce .
Just the shell
I’m not a big weight guy but Adidas outdid itself this time. You realize that ONE V5 weighs almost the same as a pair of crazy lights. Traction
Traction is good on clean floors or freshly wiped but doesn’t do the best job brushing away dirt. A solid outsole should help but really zero point to buy this shoe. I’m about to stop writi….. Cushioning
You da real LVP insole
  *this is where the majority of the V5 issues comes from so I’ll cover it all right here* I can’t recall a drop in insole for any company other than Nike so the swoosh can consider the V5 as the sincerest form of flattery even if it’s a really poor effort. The drop in is really thick and is mostlly with a layer of Boost on the top. I’m not sure who implied that Boost needs space to expand but there is no space for Boost to expand in this insole. As I have often stated Boost needs volume to feel like Boost and it’s why I don’t really use these replacement insoles. Because of how dense the insole is it takes a bit to break in but it still feels packed and dense with a little feedback and bounce particularly in the heel. It feels NOTHING like the Boost on the V3 or the Lightstrike on the V4 or Dame 6/7 or bounce for that matter. It’s just there.Sound boring enough ? Read on
Here you can see the V5 vs the Kobe IX insole.
If you take a look at the heel, you’ll see how sloped it is. I never wrote a review on the Kobe VII but the VII had a similar issue but not to this extent. (You could actually just the little piece in the heel to make it fit better). The slope in the heel basically doesn’t allow your heel to sit all the way down as intended since the heel is pushed forward and up thus you get some major heel slippage. A traditional cushioning set up would have fixed this issue but hey Adidss had to show off its imitation innovation.
Now the heel shape added some heel slip but this super long super stiff shank is the real LVP of this insole. Even after break in it just wants to stay super in it’s original form because of how stiff it is I accordion’d the sht out of it and it helped a lot with the three F’s: feel, fit, and flexiblility but not to the point that the shoe felt like I wasn’t wearing a shoe . EXPERIMENTS Well since I could interchange the insoles I decided to mess around and put my Kobe IX Insoles and instantly the shoe got more flexible felt better underfoot and fit better since it isn’t as thick aND IT doesn’t have that slope in the heel nor the shank. Addition by subtraction is amazing  
The shell and upper materials aren’t the main culprits
Just for kicks (get it) I threw one of these zoom insoles off Amazon w an extra insole on top and it made the shoe feel like.. well a … Nike
Now can you put LeBron drop ins or Kobe’s seamlessly ? No, because the shell of the shoe is much bigger than the typical stated size to accommodate the thick insole . ..Segway please Fit
Harden V5 in size 11, V3 11.5
The V5 is much large than a regular size 11. If you see my pic of the V3 v V5 it’s close to a centimeter larger. If you like to feel nimble big ass shoes like this might not be for you. One positive about the Harden V5 fit is the lack of deadspace in the forefoot and no movement side to side. Having an extra thick insole will do that I guess. Heel slip is an issue due everything stated in the cushioning section.
The heel pillows help but not enough due to the poor insole design. Btw I went true to size. You can go down half a size but that would be too tight for my wide feet. Overall the fit is good in the forefoot and poor in the heel. Materials
Fuse and little scraps of clothe taken from the floor of Joanns. #premium
Future natural upper is what Adidas calls it and it is a one piece upper (Kobe NXT anyone?). But it really feels like a throwback to 2010 maybe 2012. It does not feel premium to the touch at all. No issues with pinching or hot spots but I’m not a big stickler for materials. The stiffness and clunkiness comes from the insole as stated earlier. If you like to DJ you may enjoy scratching these . Support and stability
No issues with support and stability.
Just as wide as the V3 in the forefoot and wider in the heel
Sorry nothing to really state here but hey it’s a positive at least! Containment
No issues here. That fake lightstrike texture runs all the way around the shoe and is made of a stiffish TPU. Good for containment Conclusion As I stated earlier, the V5 is proof that it ain’t the shoes. Sure, the Beard got off to a slow start and overweight but hey Treasures and Ricks food isn’t exactly healthy. But now that the Beard got his trade he is crushing it in Brooklyn (maybe it’s the sorry strip clubs in NY 🤷🏻‍♂️ ) . I even saw Kyle Lowry wearing these but of course as a 3 stripes guy he kinda has to. But regardless of how badly this shoe rates among reviewers, it makes no difference to a players actual output or performance. Not really a big whoop but I’ll drop the “performance” out of the title starting today because it makes no actual difference on court as I’ve said this for years. Shoes don’t get buckets simple as that. The V5 is truly an exercise in nomenclature and using “new tech” for the sake of using “new tech”. The funny thing is this is almost an identical idea to the Kobe 360 NXT but executed way way way worse. Better fit, cushioning, traction, far lighter..doesn’t feel like a shoe (of course I do need the support and stability but just saying). At $130 it isn’t super expensive and you literally get a lot of shoe for the money. (For the ones who don’t get the joke I’m referring to the size of the shoe and how heavy it is). As with all things Harden and Adidas, don’t buy these at retail unless you’re a real diehard Harden fan..actually even if you are just wait because these aren’t going anywhere and have no appreciable value. Normally I’d say fair is about $100 but that’s too generous so I’m going to say $80-70 is fair bottoming out around $50-60. Who knows maybe the big Apple will help sell some shoes 😬 All in all the Harden V5 does nothing better than its predecessors and that’s being generous.

Under Armour Curry 8 Performance Review

It must be the shoes right? I’ll just get this out of the way: Best traction I’ve ever used. Although I could only get on a semi dusty court it might have well been clean as a whistle because it didn’t matter. If you’re a traction ho like me this might be the shoe for you. Traction is pretty much the whole reason I starting looking at shoes and I think I can stop looking in terms of traction now. However, as fantastic as the traction is the rest of the shoe needs a little work. But damn so so close. Pros: traction, traction, traction, traction, nice blended cushioning, very comfortable overall Cons: Upper is too stretchy and does not hold foot and ankle back (bruised toes). A little tippy, ok containment, pricey Sizing advice: go up at least half a size. I think a full size would have been more comfortable for my toes. Nobody should size down unless you’re a masochist Best for: smaller guards Buying advice: $160 come on UA/Curry 8. Wait for sales don’t worry UA already did their fake sell out on first colorway $ 120 is fair, bottom around 75-80 Weight:

Same weight as the Soldier VI
Not really what I consider super light but on par with most lows. Traction
I don’t have access to a dirty gym right now just a semi dusty gym. If you don’t know the story of Flow, the midsole and outsole are all one piece and made out of the same material. It definitely feels like a quality foam with some spring to it (about time UA) The outsole has different depths and micro teeth so you get some clean contact at all times which I really like it’s as if the Rose 7 and Kobe AD’s had a baby to make this pattern.
I tried really had to capture this defect of sorts. Outside (lateral side) of shoe on the right is is raised . I thought it was part of the design but the other shoe is totally flat . No issues playing in them just typical UA quality control or lack thereof.
This stuff just sticks like crazy. I went around no sliding (by myself of course socially distanced with a mask) for a good 1.5 hrs. I switched to some Harden V4s and had to wipe after ten minutes. Aside from not having to wipe the bite is just bulldog strength. I don’t get floored by traction often but damn. UA PLEASE PUT THIS PATTERN ON EVERY SHOE GOING FORWARD. *one of my followers on IG said it is not good on dusty floors but I don’t have access right now so Cushioning
Flow feels very good and is the best blend that UA has put together. Not too hard and not too soft (that’s what she said?). The best description I can think of is a thicker Dame 4 w a little more bounce yet denser feel. I know a lot of people think bounciness equates to energy return but it doesn’t so that’s why say I say bounce adds fun. There is no such thing as energy return just look it up it’s Physics 101. Like all foam set ups, it needs volume to feel good and these sit a lot higher than something like the Harden V3 or 4 or any Curry for that matter. Most Currys sit around 20-23mm fwiw. Switching shoes out you’ll feel a difference right away but if you’re not switching shoes you’ll get used to the height.
While we all have our preferences, ride height doesn’t really affect anything but it is worth noting.
Overall, If you’re expecting Zoom or Boost you’ll be disappointed but imo it finds a very nice blend and is definitely an upgrade over HOVR and of course UA’s “proprietary foam” on the Curry 4 and 5 aka EVA. I don’t mind a firmer ride but I do like some bounce and feedback so these are right in my wheelhouse. Fit
I bought both my regular 11 and 11.5 and the 11 had my toes at the end of the shoe. 11.5 fit like a 10.5 so I just swapped out my socks to make it work. If you have to wear thicker socks go up a full size. Right out of the box there was no heel slip no major dead space no excess movement side to side.
Plenty of contour and padding in the heel
However, as nice as the shoe fit, the materials and design of the shoe allows too much stretch and not enough tensile strength and my foot constantly rammed into the front even doing drills by myself.
There is a reason nobody just took an Ultraboost Primeknit upper on a low.
You can see here that the Kobe V eyelets are still further back than the Curry 8 and higher up. This helps keep my foot and ankle back on stops. Also the material is firm and no stretchy knit. Might be a reason we don’t see knits near the ankle 🤔
The toe box has some fuse reinforcements below the knit so yea no fun for my toes. Overall the fit is good but so is the fit of a pair of socks. The Curry 8 is one of those socks with a sole type of shoes which isn’t my preference. I think If I worr some Zamst I’d be ok but hey it isn’t my shoe. Material
I admit I’m old school as I come from the age of leather and patent leather and leather and saw the evolution to synthetics to fuse and to knit and mesh. PR might say it s for Mother Nature but we all know it’s about $$. Anyways the knit is nice I guess it’s like very prime knit feeling ? Does anyone ever care about knits anymore ? I’ve noticed almost all hoop shoes have moved to mesmmesh or reinforced mesh or an Anyhoo, the rest is fake plastic leather ala AJ XI style to help with containment. Word to the wise patent works better than this stuff. Support and stability
Heel counter isn’t the very big and it’s fairly squishy overall. Lots of plastic on this shoe.
Support is non existent since it’s a sock with a sole and if you’re Steph you got the Zamst on so no need for any extra support since it’s maxed out already. The outsole is very wide overall and had a curious design as well.
Instead of adding an outrigger in has an “inrigger” I guess to help with pushing off the inside of the foot.
The outsole is curved slightly to promote a natural gait but I feel like it gave up some stability in the heel to do so. But since it is extra wide it almost becomes a wash. Very Kyrie esque if you ask me. Compared to my Curry standard the Curry 2, the Curry 2 is easily more stable and supportive especially when it comes to tipping. I guess UA wanted a smoother feeling shoe which I cannot deny they achieved. I’d still like an outrigger though. Containment
An outrigger probably would help w stability
Not the best not the worst. The rand does a decent job but I could still push out of the shoe since the upper overall is flexible and strength. Thankfully it isn’t JC2 or Melo 12 bad but it could be better. Not an issue overall though. Conclusion At $160 Steph and UA think a lot of Steph’s brand. Does he need his own brand ? I mean honestly he already is UA basketball. Lebron doesn’t have his own brand yet neither does KD but I guess UA needed to separate Curry from UA to allow other UA hoopers to shine. (Other as in Embiid might be the right word). I can buy over two KD12’s almost two KD13’s and almost a pair of Jordans at retail for the Curry 8. $160 isn’t bad but UA isn’t Nike or Jordan so they shouldn’t be pricing it quite that high. The big appeal of Curry and UA in 2014 was getting a sig shoe of a game changer for $120-130 bucks but as his stardom and titles have grown so have the sneaker retail prices. I think $140 is the absolute max UA should charge for a Curry but hey what do I know, I’m just a consumer. Add in the cheap plastic rand and heel counter and I just don’t see a $160 premium shoe other than the Curry name. *Speaking of which of you don’t follow my Stadium Fits, I had a hell of a time with UA. First there was a 25% off with Apple Pay so I tried it and didn’t get a discount even though there were no restrictions. Chatted with CS for a good thirty minutes so he gave me a code that said it would work since he “couldn’t adjust the price” . Of course I tried the code and it didn’t work on Currys. I also sent back the original pair and haven’t gotten a refund a month later. The overall UA experience has sucked but sadly I expected it. * Overall the Curry 8 is so very close to being great. I understand it is supposed to feel like a running shoe and it definitely does feel like one but to a fault. I absolutely LOVE the traction and I enjoy the shoe but sadly I want a shoe that does everything well and that’s where the 8 falls short in a few too many categories especially at $160. Once they starting hitting sales at $120 -$80’ish I might grab another pair but I’m in no rush since gyms are basically closed for a few more months. Overall I’d give these a second team rating, almost a first team but definitely a  status for traction.

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